About Us

Vijay Human Services is a non-profit organization that has been serving in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1977. The organization was founded by Prof. P.Jeyachandran and Prof.V.Vimala, who with more than four decades of their experience have been instrumental in training few thousands of special educators in the country and helped establishing many organizations to support and serve persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In the Year 2016, Prof. P.Jeyachandran registered this organization as a public charitable trust to support the cause of intellectual and developmental disabilities, co-opting a dedicated team of individuals with diverse backgrounds. Vijay Human Services provides an array of services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities from birth through lifespan. The continuum of services include, but not limited to- early intervention, special education, therapy, yoga, arts and crafts, vocational training, behaviour management, remedial services and parent counseling.


Empowering and improving the quality of life amongst individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) community by promoting their physical, psychological and social well-being.


  • To provide screening and early intervention services to young children with IDD.
  • To impart education, training and therapy for rehabilitating persons with IDD.
  • To support inclusion of IDD in the mainstream schools.
  • To monitor and facilitate health care for persons with IDD.
  • To offer guidance and counseling to families of IDD.
  • To provide respite and long term care for persons with IDD.
  • To enhance job-related skills and facilitate employment of persons with IDD.
  • To enable professional development in the field of IDD.
  • To participate and coordinate support and awareness in the community and with the government.
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